Welcome in Bremen

Sightseeing Tours by bus, on foot, on a bike, in a group or on your own!

Ever since, the Bremen town-musicians have become so
famous that people from all over the world come to Bremen to
discover what exactly it was that made the Hanseatic-City so
attractive to them.

Very simple: Life in Bremen is good!

The point of visiting Bremen is to see the sights and there are many ways to to it.

You can see Bremen by bus, on foot, on a bike, in a car or taxi, in a group, on your own, with a professional guide on your side.

There is so much to see in Bremen.
Exploring the city and "The City" can be fun and educational whether you are interested in the sights, the architecture, the history and attractions or simply experience the streets.

Select a tour that suits your particular interest from archaology to history, parks and gardens, art and culture. Custom tours are available.

Book with confidence, I am  licensed, trained and experienced tour operators.

See you in Bremen!
Marie-Louise Krüger!